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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

TIP: Finding the center

Most if not all charts, patterns, booklets and kits all want you to start stitching in the center of your fabric, but how do you find the center? Its really easy so here we go. First take your fabric and fold in half horizontally. Run a basting stitch along the fold. Then fold the fabric in half vertically and run another basting stitch along that fold. The point where both basting stitches intersect is the center of your fabric.

Thats a very easy method but I usually make it even easier. I fold the fabric in half vertically and horizontally and then open up to see where the fold lines meet. I just eye the center from there and it works just fine. No need to baste and anything that can save me time is just fine with me ; )

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Quick Picture Frame

A friend of mine who loves to cross stitch told me about a really quick picture frame project she did and I thought I would pass it along to everyone. Now don't blink or you might miss it, it's that quick and easy to do ; )

First you have to cut a picture frame shape out of perforated plastic. You can make it any size you want. Then find a small design like a sunflower, snowman, planet or butterfly and stitch it in the corner. Fill in the rest of the frame background with black cross stitches (or any other color thats dark) and then add contrasting french knots all around. Add your picture and thats all there is to it. Quick and easy.

My friend has made these in all different sizes and alot of different colors. She also added magnets to the backs of some and has them hanging on her fridge and filing cabinet. Use your imagination and have fun!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Checking in ; )

Hello everyone!! Just checking in as we have been sooo busy getting ready for next month's new items that I haven't had much time to post here. Here is a quick update on what we have been working on .... a new collection will be added to the Stamped Cross Stitch category (it's a surprise, can't give it all away lol) , new monthly specials which some will be holiday related (the holidays are getting closer) , adding new items to our popular Counted Cross Stitch and Patterns categories.

Stamped Cross Stitch Quilts have been very popular this month and its a great time to get started on one for that new little one or to keep you warm in the cold months ahead. They also make wonderful gifts so start early on all your holiday projects and have them ready when gift giving time arrives. Make sure you check out some of the projects below, they can give you great ideas and most are really simple to do.

Have a great weekend and HAPPY STITCHING!!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

TIP: Preparing your fabric for stitching

The edges of cross stitch fabric take alot of abuse while a project is being stitched. There are many ways to keep fabric from fraying while you stitch.
The easiest and most common method is to bind the edges with masking tape. Because tape leaves a residue that's almost impossible to remove, it should be trimmed away completely after stitching is finished. When working on projects from books, leaflets or charts plan for your fabric to have a large enough margin around the stitched design so that the tape can be cut away.
There are some projects that you should just avoid using masking tape. If a project does not allow for a large enough margin to trim away the tape you can use a sewing machine to zigzag the edges. Hand sewing works also but is more time consuming.
Clothing, table linens, towels, baby bibs and other projects that will be washed on a regular basis when finished should be washed before any stitching is done to avoid shrinkage later. Stamped cross stitch projects that have pre-printed ink that fades with washing should NOT be washed beforehand.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Easy Project: Gift Tags

The holiday season for us crafters is here! An easy project you can do now to get ready for the holidays is making gift tags for all those gifts you will be giving. Here is what to do...

Choose a small design/motif from a larger design or from a pattern leaflet. Stitch the motif onto a piece of perforated paper. After that is done cut the paper large enough to include a place to stitch the words "To" and the person's name your giving the gift to, and "From" and your name. Decorate the edges with a row of cross stitches or anything else you like. When trimming the tag just remember to not trim to close to the stitched edges. Attach the gift tag to the gift with color-coordinated floss or very thin ribbon inserted through a hole in the perforated paper and tie it on to the gift bow or ribbon.

Very easy project and they can be made ahead of time. Make a bunch now and just add the names later. A great time saver and a nice way to add that personal touch to any gift. It is also a great way to get kids started cross stitching because the designs you use are are small and simple. Perfect for class projects, girl scout troops or rainy day afternoons.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

New kits and patterns for September!

Well its time to step into Fall and this month we have added new kits and patterns to get you stitching more fun projects. The list below is what's new at The Angels Nook!

Don't forget to check out the New Monthly Specials also. Happy Stitching!!