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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

NEW!! Erica Wilson Collection

Now available at The Angels Nook is the newest needlepoint collection from world-renowned designer Erica Wilson. These beautiful pillow collections encompass styles from classic to cottage and will add stunning accents to current popular home decorating styles. Stitch two for an equisite pair of designs for any room of the home or give them as gifts. Treat yourself to this absolutely beautiful collection!!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Mini Pillows Project

Mini pillows are a simple project thats alot of fun. Whether you use these as basket accents, gift tags, ornaments for the tree or door hangers, they're sure to bring a smile to all who see them.

First choose a design that you want to stitch. Anything small will work. Snowflakes, teddy bears, flowers, fruit, a snowman or kitty cats.

For each mini pillow, cut stitched piece 1" larger than the design on all sides. Use a piece of the same fabric as stitched piece for backing (cut fabric the same size as stitched piece.) With wrong sides facing, use desired floss color to cross stitch fabric pieces together 1/2" from sides and bottom edge. Stuff with polyester fiberfill. Cross stitch across top of pillow 1/2" from edge. Fringe fabric to cross-stitched lines. For hanging pillow, attach ribbon to top center back of mini pillow. For pillow on basket, attach mini pillow to side of basket with craft glue.

Simple isnt it? Make a few and give as gifts at Christmas or use them as package ties. Below is just two of the many ornaments I have made. For one I used the method above and the other I used holiday fabric as the backing and added some piping to the edges.


Monday, August 15, 2005

Rubber Stamps Now Available!!

For all you scrapbookers, card makers and crafters out there we now have Rubber Stamps available. This new addition to our craft line is just in time to get you started on all those fall and holiday projects. New designs will be added in the weeks and months ahead, so keep checking back. Selection will continue to grow just like our Cross Stitch, Needlepoint and Needlework Kits do. To see all the stamps available please visit our NEW Rubber Stamps category.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Want to change things a bit?

Lets say you have a design thats stitched on 18 count fabric but now you want to change things a bit and stitch it on 14 count fabric. Well, how much fabric will I need? What size will the design now become? Figuring out these answers are really pretty simple. Follow along below and you will be able to change any design.

1) Count the number of horizontal squares of the design. For example, let’s say there are 175 squares

2) Divide the number of squares by the fabric count you wish to use. The result it the horizontal size of the design in inches. Example: 175 squares ÷ 14 count fabric = 12.5 inches

3) Add at least 4 inches of fabric to the design size to allow for framing or finishing. This number is the horizontal size of your fabric. Example: 12.5 inches + 4 inches = 16.5 inches

4) Count the number of vertical squares of the design. Example: let’s say there are 259 squares

5) Divide the number of squares by the fabric count to find out the vertical size of the design. Example: 259 squares ÷ 14 count fabric = 18.5 inches

6) Add at least 4 inches to the fabric size for framing or finishing. Example: 18.5 inches + 4 inches = 22.5 inches

In the example above, the finished size of your design would be 12.5 x 18.5 inches. The size of the fabric you will need would be 16.5 x 22.5 inches. On certain fabrics you may want to adjust the number of strands you use for stitching. The typical number of strands used on 14 count fabric is two. By increasing or decreasing the number of strands, you can create the finished effect you desire. Also note that changing the fabric count of your design will affect the amount of thread you will need, so make sure you have enough.

Stitch any one of the 18 count fabric kits we have and then later work it up on 14 count fabric. Changing things can be fun!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

New Items

Its a new month and time for new items and new monthly specials. Below is a list of the newest items available at The Angels Nook. Dont forget to check out the new House Mouse Collection, they are adorable, fun and easy to stitch.

Browse around and im sure you will find something that you will want to stitch up. Enjoy!!